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At Proactive Happiness, our goal is to help mid-career professionals (late 20's through early 40's) figure out what you want out of your career, and set out a path for how to accomplish it - motivating you and inspiring you along the way.

Our specialties include:

Achieving clarity of career goals, defining a path to accomplish career goals, maximizing your performance to get what you want, and confidence building (including quieting limiting self-beliefs). 


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YOUR CAREER JOURNEY.....starts here!

To help you navigate the different stages of your career, we offer our "Career Journey" program. The Career Journey program consists of four independent phases that correspond to the different stages where people find themselves throughout their careers. Each phase is a maximum of three months in duration, and each phase is offered separately. 


Phase 1: The View - Getting Clarity (Six 60-minute sessions)

"I need help identifying my career goals - I just don't know where I am going."

Phase 2: The Trail - How to Get There (Six 60-minute sessions)

"I know where I want to go with my career, but I am not sure how to get there."

Phase 3: The Ascent - Land the Job You Want (Twelve 30-minute sessions)

"I know what I want to do, but I need help positioning myself to get the role."

Phase 4: The Summit - Maximize Performance (Nine 60-minute sessions)

"I want to be improve my performance and work through existing challenges that are impacting my performance/level of happiness."

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We offer a couple of different individual, one-on-one coaching session packages for people who are looking for ongoing support on their career journey. Many of us have career goals that cannot be accomplished overnight, and require a larger investment of time and effort on a less frequent basis. For these individuals, we offer a six and a twelve session package. The sessions are 60 minutes, and do not expire. 


Contact us today for more information on our rates and our discounted package options. Take control of your future and let us help you map out a plan! Send us a note today to learn more and to set up an introductory discussion.



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