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Enthusiastic. Experienced. Supportive. 

My name is Chelsea Conrad, and I started Proactive Happiness with a mission to help others find happiness in their careers. I have a Master's degree in Accounting and my CPA license. When in grad school, I discovered my love for teaching while teaching Accounting Principles courses to cover the cost of my tuition.  


After graduate school, I relocated to Houston and went to work for PwC. Later I transitioned to working in the oil and gas industry in leadership positions directly managing teams. I was making great money, and was consistently rated as a top performer....and I was really unhappy in my career. I started feeling the impact in other areas of my life, and I knew it was time to make a change. That change was making a move to pull together the elements of my career that I truly DID love - the coaching, the training, the development of my teams - and make it my new career. It was time for me to find my happiness and dedicate myself to what I am passionate about - which is exactly what I work with my clients on each and every day. 

I started Proactive Happiness with a vision of offering a two-pronged approach to help people be their best in their careers: offering professional development training programs, and one-on-one coaching services. I strive to make my training programs and my coaching authentic and engaging.

My top five Gallup strengths are 1) Relator, 2) Activator, 3) Maximizer, 4) Futuristic, and 5) Individualization. 

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