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Professional Development

Education plays a significant role in helping us to become the professional we aspire to be. We offer a variety of training programs to help you and your team improve your professional skillset, gain self-awareness, and build confidence along the way. We offer both in-person and virtual events to meet the needs of the company. 

At Proactive Happiness, our goal with our professional development programs is to help you and your teams become the professionals you aspire to be - while keeping your sanity intact. We believe that to give 100% in every area of your life that matters, you have to have 100% to give, which means finding a balance with self-care. We accomplish this in our programs by promoting self-awareness and authenticity, balanced with understanding the needs of the business. 


Individual and team strengths (utilizing Gallup CliftonStrengths® assessments) , leadership development (for aspiring, soon to be, new and existing people leaders), communication, and professional self-improvement topics. 

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  • On-site Leadership Team Workshops geared towards building team cohesion and unity, combined with professional development.

  • Team Strengths Workshops designed to build self-awareness and understanding of team members. 

  • New Manager Path to Success Program: A 100% virtual group training/coaching program for aspiring and new people leaders.

  • The Manager Springboard to Success Program: A 100% virtual group training/coaching program for existing people leaders to improve skills in feedback, coaching and difficult conversations.

  • 60/90-minute webinars covering topics like Effective Workplace Communication, Time Management, Setting Boundaries, Leading with Confidence, Developing a Leadership Mindset, and many more. 

  • On-site group programs covering the professional development topic of your choosing. 

Don't see a program that fits exactly what you're looking for? No problem! We are happy to work with you to create a program that helps you and/or your team accomplish their goals.  

Contact us today to set up a time to discuss our training offerings. Book an introductory call to discuss your training needs.

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Individual Sessions

“Thank you for the presentation today! Chelsea is a gifted presenter. She is just the right amount of knowledgeable, energetic and engaging. Frankly, the presentation was absolutely perfect. The content, the presenter, and so on. 10/10 stars from me!”

— Employee Engagement Training, 2021

“The presenter's personality really made it feel like she was talking to a close friend. She was knowledgeable and friendly, and not robotic in her delivery. She provided great additional links to follow up and access more information.”

— Avoiding Burnout Training, 2021

“As a Talent Development professional, I've sat through a lot of trainings (and led many myself) and the vast majority are underwhelming. But, you do a great job of bringing passion, expertise and life to yours...and it stands out! Well done!”

— Motivating Employees Training, 2022

“We loved Chelsea, and the content was so perfect for our audience. It was a great team building experience, and we walked away with a tangible end product. I think all of our staff wanted to sign up for more of her trainings!”

— Elevator Pitch Workshop, 2023

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