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Adding Value When Working From Home - Managers

As a manager, working from home presents a lot of new challenges. One of those is keeping your team connected and continuing to add value. This video focuses on things you can do to continue bringing value to your team and your organization while working from remote locations.

As a manager, your job is to keep the team together and productive - you are the ringleader of the circus! It feels a lot different to do your managerial duties when people aren't in the same place, but the job duties themselves don't change.

To help you stay on top of your managerial duties, and to keep the team together and productive, one suggestion I have is to have regularly scheduled one-on-one phone calls with each member of your team. Making sure they are phone calls, and not video chats! Doing a video chat makes the discussion more formal and detracts from what you're trying to accomplish. Have a one-on-one phone call with each member of your team every other day, or so. The calls don't have to be long, but make sure you don't fall into cancelling them because there is nothing specific you need to talk about. These calls are a perfect opportunity to reconnect, let the team ask any "silly" or "quick" questions they may have, and also update you on anything going on in their life that isn't work-specific, but that may impact their work performance.

Another recommendation I have is to take the initiative to schedule regular one-on-one calls with YOUR boss. Weekly phone calls to touch base and get up to speed on anything going on in the organization will help you to stay connected, and to keep your team informed of anything going on in the organization. The second part of this recommendation is to then communicate that information obtained from YOUR boss down to your team - either through a weekly team meeting with everyone, or via an e-mail.

Being a manager is a very important role - especially during times of working remotely. It can be very easy for people to start to lose focus and motivation, and to feel disconnected....and for their performance to suffer as a result. Now get out there and manage that team! You got this!

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