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The Importance of Company Culture

This article provides some excellent questions to ask during an interview to learn more about a company's culture. I always tell my clients to make sure they consider the culture of a company when evaluating job prospects. Finding the right cultural fit for you can help increase your productivity, sense of belonging and overall happiness in the workplace.

The first thing to do is to make sure you are VERY clear on who you are and how you're wired. Once you have that figured out, step outside yourself to evaluate the opportunities in front of you. What works well for someone else may not be a good fit for you - we are all wired differently. Are you competitive? If so, landing in a role at a company with a non-competitive and relaxed environment where everyone gets the same raise every year may be frustrating, and not be the best fit for you. Do you prefer a more relaxed, collaborative environment? If so, taking a job with a company that encourages competition and individualism will eventually take it's toll on you, and you will find yourself stressed and emotionally exhausted.

Use the questions in this article to dig deeper into what the culture of the company truly looks like, and then devote some time to thinking about how it aligns with your nature. Challenge yourself to be honest, and don't force your foot into that glass slipper just because the job pays more or your friend likes working there. Put in the time and effort up front to make sure you're giving yourself the best possible chance of ending up in a spot that is right for you.

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